Mo Kazi, Indonesian-proud Had Rockin' Qatar and Worldwide Music Scene

17-year-old independent artist named Mo Kazi, originally from the islands of Indonesia, was brought up in the Middle East, where he discovered his passion for music and decided to pursue his dreams of becoming an influential artist for the youth. 

At the age of 15, Kazi and a group of individuals in Qatar called the Black Ace Records, has collated to produce their first project together, an astounding album titled Ace of Spades. One of his songs on the album, Running Thru My Mind, became one of the most popular. Even though it had a small number of streams, it sparked a fire of ambition for Kazi. That was when he decided to make music his long life career.

At the same time being one of the top performing juniors in an international school, Mo Kazi always had time for music. He often wrote and composed around 4 to 5 songs in day; songs that would eventually end up going viral and being placed in many editorial playlists. To name a few, his song cover for "To The Bone" by Pamungkas was placed in the top 20s in the Viral 50 - Philipines playlist, overthrowing artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Bella Poarch, Charlie Puth, and many more. 

At the age of 16, Mo Kazi has accumulated more than 3.84 million streams from all of his projects combined.  

Music has always been a big part of Mo Kazi's life. Ever since a toddler, Kazi has always felt a connection towards music. His passion for music escalated when his dad first bought him a guitar. Although he was clueless about his future, he has always visualized himself alongside artists such as Drake, J. Cole, NIKI, and many more. 

Kazi realized that wherever he came from, he would still be able to "make it." He was influenced by the likes of Rich Brian, who became the first Asian musician to garner widespread critical acclaim and top the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. He believed to himself that he will, one day, walk on the same path as other famous asian artists. 

In his journey, he will continue to inspire other people to follow their dreams no matter where they came from. "As long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible."

Stream Mo Kazi latest release, Nights Like This:



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