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Rosalyn is Back with Their Latest Single "Spin"

Rosalyn is back with their latest single, “Spin” The song revolves around the idea of a toxic relationship, where compromise leads to sacrificing one’s sanity. The lyrics also discuss addiction— wanting to escape, yet finding themselves gravitating towards the complicated romantic connection. Constantly making efforts to keep the flame alive is pushed to the extreme as the chorus sings  “spinning around you, spinning around only you”. Rosalyn, a band that does not define itself as a specific genre, seamlessly combines the diverse musical tastes of all members into one melting pot. The blend of distorted guitars, groovy drum beats, syncopated bass lines, atmospheric synth, and melodic vocals is what makes “Spin” unique to listeners across many genres.The latest release is a collaboration with the producer Pokpong from ‘Gym and Swim’ and ‘Plastic Plastic’, to create this mellow-yet-groovy tune, while still capturing Rosalyn’s signature sexy allure.  “Spin” will be featured on Rosalyn'

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